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Subhkam focuses on investments in midsized companies, usually by providing growth capital, and in exceptional circumstances, also provides initial stage funding. Apart from providing financial capital, Subhkam proactively supports the investee companies in realising their potential through strong and able partnerships.
Subhkam Ventures follows a philosophy of long-term value creation in its approach to private equity investments. In line with this, each of its investment decisions is preceded by a rigorous analysis of the prospective investee company's business prospects, strength and shortcomings. Subhkam adopts a “Partner and Build” strategy with well-defined exit plans to achieve long term capital appreciation. With the objective of maximizing the value of the company and helping it realize its full potential, Subhkam also provides assistance and advice to the portfolio companies.















Subhkam Growth Fund is a SEBI registered Venture Capital Fund managed by Subhkam. Subhkam Growth Fund –I (The Fund) is a close ended scheme of the Fund. The fund currently holds 7 companies in its Investment Portfolio.













List of Investments

Bharat Biotech International Limited - http://www.bharatbiotech.com
Bharat Biotech, promoted by Dr. Krishna Ella, is among the select few successful Indian companies in the Biotechnology space. As a research focused company, it has a host of IPRs to its credit. Its product portfolio comprises of Vaccines and Therapeutics and has successfully been able to launch notable products like Typhoid Conjugate vaccine Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine in the recent past. It has also successfully completed Phase III clinical trials for Rota Virus vaccine and is expected to be launched shortly. Its state-of-the-art facility in Hyderabad is among the largest of its kind in the Asia Pacific region, which includes an animal testing facility. The company´s pioneering research has attracted grants from multilateral agencies like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Iris Business Services Limited - http://www.irisbusiness.com
IRIS Business Services Ltd, based in Mumbai, is the only home-grown Company offering end to end XBRL suite solutions. The Company has made successful and commendable inroads across various regulators and the regulated. IRIS not only facilitates companies to convert data into XBRL format, through its software tools, but also provides regulators and other end user the complete XBRL eco-system by creating customised XBRL platform. They successfully launched a cloud based conversion product for self-filing of regulatory filings and this is gaining traction. IRIS also owns and runs the very popular financial portal myiris.com

Miel e-Security Private Limited - http://www.miel.in
Miel E- security Pvt. Ltd is an e-security company providing specialized services in all areas of Information security. The Company provides comprehensive consultancy services, undertakes highly specialized training programmes, executes projects in Computer forensics, application software testing, vulnerability assessment, penetration testings, GAP analysis and also provides Managed Security Services.

Nicheken Technologies Private Limited - http://www.nicheken.com
Nicheken is a Technology oriented company specialising in the areas of telecommunications, power electronics, etc. Its expertise is capitalized in these areas through research and development of products from concept to finished product, development services and manufacturing. Nicheken with expertise in research and developmentI is promoted by technocrats Dr. Pitke and Dr. Chandrasekaran. The Company is focused onto inventing add-on products which adds more utility and efficiency to the existing systems in the market. The Company works on the concept which is very close to alternate engineering.

PME Power Solutions Limited - http://www.pmepowersolutions.com
PME Power Solutions Limited manufactures power & distribution transformers. It is also in the business of Power EPC. The Company caters to manufacturing transformers up to 330KV class and commissioning of transmission and distribution lines for setting up transmission and distribution electricity networks including sub-stations up to 400KV class. The company also have set up capability to manufacture Energy efficient Amorphous Metal Distribution Transformers ("AMDT") using the technological knowhow of Metglas Inc., U.S.A. and Hitachi Metals India Private Limited under License. Apart from catering to the local market, it also exports to various countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Reflex Technologies Private Limited - http://www.reflexautomation.com
Reflex Technologies is a new generation company offering products and solutions in industrial automation and robotics. The company offers standard machines like pick and place machines for specific applications & customized machines .These typically are assembly automation applications, and are more technology and design intensive; and robotics to perform the tasks/ functions as defined by the customer. Reflex is a certified partner of ABB Robotics, which provides access to the products and also application support. Whilst the company has made its mark across the spectrum, it has made great in-roads in automation & robotics applications in select industries like paints, lubricants, textiles, edible oil etc with notable repeat clientele to its credit.

Stallion Brands India Private Limited
Stallion Brands India Pvt. Ltd. (SBIPL) is a marketing and distribution company for innerwear under licensee arrangement from Levi Strauss India Pvt. Ltd. The Company would be the sole marketing distribution and manufacturing outfit for Levi in India for their Denizen brand of Innerwear. Moreover, the company has manufacturing, marketing and distribution rights for a prominent brand.



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