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Rakesh S Kathotia, Chairman
The founder of ´Subhkam Ventures´, Rakesh is the guiding force behind all initiatives of the Group. Rakesh´s experience spans over 2 decades in financial services and capital markets in India. He is a strategic thinker and has built a stable top management team laying the foundation of growth of Subhkam Ventures as one of the successful home grown principal investment houses in India which is a testament to his vision and commitment to professional management. He can be contacted at rakesh@subhkam.com

Manu Punnoose –Managing Director
With over 20 years of experience in Investments & Research, Manu is spearheading the PIPES/private equity /strategic investments business at Subhkam as its CEO. Subhkam Growth Fund, a SEBI registered Venture Capital Fund is managed under Manu’s supervision. As part of the inception team at Subhkam, he has been instrumental in conceptualizing and implementing the group’s foray into private equity and has played a decisive role in positioning, setting up systems and internal processes. He started his career with the Securities Research Division of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI), Hyderabad. He holds an MBA with Finance as major. He can be contacted at manu@subhkam.com

Hathimal Nahata
Nahata is a Chartered Accountant with over three decades of operational and professional experience, along-side his near 2 decades of experience in financial services and capital markets in India. By virtue of his versatile background, he has built a rich knowledge base in terms of both governance as well as operational issues. Nahataplays a key role in legal & commercial diligence exercise preceding investments and also strengthens Subhkam in its endeavor to assist its investee companies realize their potential. He can be contacted at nahata@subhkam.com

Ravi Kumar S
Ravi has over two decades of experience in investments, including a long stint with a domestic mutual fund as fund manager. He holds an MBA in Finance. He has a strong foundation in security analysis and monitoring of market and economic trends. He has strong grounding in management of risks, systems &operational processes. He has a long association with Subhkam.He can be contacted at ravi@subhkam.com

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